... Shoots London | Teen Portraits Surrey | Matt Foden PhotographyI wanted to learn a bit more about photography that what I knew. I have been picking up some tidbits of information here and there off of the internet and have been developing my skills slowly. I have just found some great websites, like Foden Photography, that I have been able to use for inspiration. Just looking through the different galleries of photographers that I have found has taught me about taking pictures at different angles and at different distances. I had never really tried to do anything like that. I would simply just point and shoot and hope that I caught the image the way that I wanted to.

I have spent hours online looking at other photographers’ pictures to see what else I have been missing when taking photos. I have found some beautiful photography in the process and it is really making me even more interested in improving my skills. I try to spend at least an hour each day looking at other photographers’ work and at taking at least fifty pictures.

Once I have the pictures taken, I upload them to my computer and try to study them. I also have some photo editing software that I use to play around with the pictures. It is one of my dreams that I will one day get the chance to go to school for photography so I can begin shooting weddings, family portraits and even scenic pictures that I just cannot seem to get right at this point.

One day, I want to have my own studio filled with professional equipment that I know how to use, but for now, I will be happy if I can just take some photos and have them turn out the way that I picture them in my head before I press the shutter button.

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