We need new computer servers. That is the sentence I heard from my IT guy. We had outgrown the equipment we had. Not so much the actual desktops and laptops, but the server that was holding all of our data we needed to conduct business on a daily basis. An upgrade at this juncture was untenable. The choice we made was to use cheap Windows VPS hosting. Without missing a beat we were back up and running at full strength taking advantage of a virtual private server on a Windows operating system platform.

Our old server just did not have what it takes for us to keep moving ahead in business. Plus, we needed an immediate solution. I gave the go ahead to our IT guy to hook us up with a quality VPS hosting service. Our cheap Windows VPS hosting works great. It is low cost and affordable to our budget. It is a much better choice than investing in leasing or purchasing our own servers again. With upgrades built into the price we pay each month, we no longer have to worry about hardware becoming obsolete. Our pricing scenarios show that we are saving money by taking this route. We should have done it a long time ago.

The only reason we bought our own server system years ago was because it was the only option. Operating a business in the cloud was not even an option back then. Now we have instant access around the clock to our VPS that is very reliable. Not having to own and maintain dedicated server equipment is saving us a lot of money. These new cheap Windows VPS hosting accounts are affordable even to individuals who need them. I do not know who developed a server that could run multiple isolated instances of a full operating system on one server, but I hope they were compensated well.

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