Starting a business isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially in Singapore. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and hard work to start a business and keep it going. When I first started my software development business, I was the only one creating such a business in my location. I wasn’t sure at the time why no one else wanted to get into the software development market, but it left me with no competition. The first part of starting the business involved finding an office for rent singapore residents could pay for easily.

I had very little money at the time that I was starting my business. I saved up a lot to assist in creating the business, but I still needed more to rent an office space. It was impossible for me to get an office without taking out a loan, but I needed the office to be as affordable as possible as well. With enough luck, I was able to find an office space in the heart of Singapore. It was reasonably priced, and the bank was nice enough to give me a loan to finance it. Soon my dreams of creating my software development business were coming to life.

Three years have passed since I first started in that office building and now due to my success, the business has expanded and I’ve been able to rent more offices in the same building for all of my employees to work. We have some of the youngest and brightest minds working for us, creating software that is used in technology all over the world, in devices like computers and smart phones. Competition has been created after people saw how successful my business was, but it doesn’t bother us, because we’re a leader in the market in Singapore.

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