When moving to America, Jorge had two dreams. One was to have the American dream of a wife, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. His other dream was to own his own business in America. Never in his wildest dreams did he think it would happen. From having to get a he2 visa business plan started, picking out a building, or getting the funds to purchase items for his business, Jorge was overwhelmed with emotion.

In Mexico, Jorge’s dream was to be an American. When he was 21, he moved to America as a legal immigrant and lived in a small apartment while working at one of the only restaurants that would hire him. He worked as a cook, which was a job he loved. Him and the manager would often talk on Jorge’s breaks about how Jorge wanted his own restaurant. That was when the seeds were planted by the manager. He encouraged him to go after his dream and create the life he wanted.

The following months, Jorge would look into ways to start it. Someone told him about the he2 visa business plan. He looked into it and found that it was the best option for him. After applying, a few short months (and interviews with the embassy) later he found that he was approved! He was overjoyed and overcome with emotion. He was starting to live his dream! After getting approved, the restaurant’s manager started to help him look for buildings. Ended up loving a building across town and was able to purchase that building at a discount since the owners knew of Jorge’s dream. Things were lining up!

The downfall was when Jorge realized how much he would need to be starting his business. Aside from electricity and water bills, he didn’t realize he’d have to purchase everything from ovens to the forks people would eat with. Jorge was overwhelmed at this point, but pushed through. Eventually, he was able to purchase everything he needed and started to spend his weekends working around the clock to open his restaurant.

The restaurant was was booming with excitement when the day finally came to open! Jorge’s Taco was ready for business with a line around the block! When the time came to open it, his first dollar came from a woman that would end up being Jorge’s wife and be the one that gave him the true American Dream.

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