There are a lot of restaurants in the city where I live, and many of them are owned by one company. This company, which is where I work, has to look at all of the revenue from these restaurants and determine which course of action would be best to get the most profits. Sometimes that involves closing restaurants down when they’re failing, and sometimes it means hiring more people or taking similar actions. A data consultant was used at my request to help with the decisions for these restaurants. I knew that they would be able to figure out how to handle the choices for the revenue generated by the restaurants better than anyone else at the company, and my boss agreed.

The consultant company was able to look at all of the restaurants under the ownership of the company, and come up with a good business strategy that would keep all of them open while still get the most money. Some of the restaurants where having a little trouble selling more than others because of their menu choices. The consultant company figured out that the restaurants under our ownership that had more streamlined menus made more money than others because customers were able to select their dining choices more easily.

The company where I work sent out a mandate to the restaurants that needed changing to give their menus a more simple look by dropping some unnecessary items that the customers weren’t buying and by having the menu items presented in an easy to read manner. This resulted in the restaurants having more profit than they normally would for the year. With the success of the restaurants, the company could think about opening more restaurants in areas where there were none. There are still areas of the city that could use a restaurant that is within walking distance.

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