I am in serious trouble. My in-laws went out of town for vacation. They asked my wife and I to watch the house while they were gone. We shirked our responsibilities. We rarely cleaned the house. We threw trash all over the place. We put our feet on the tables. We left piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen. My wife left her dirty clothes all over the house. We lived like teenagers. We took a long bubble bath. I left the water running and it flooded the house. I called a los angeles water damage restoration company to fix the damages to the floor. This morning, I received a call from my in-laws. They told me that they were coming back home later tonight. We have to work fast to clean the house.

The restoration company will repair the floor around noon. We have to make sure that everything is ready for them to work. We are working on a short frame of time.

First, we have the clean all the rooms of the house. My wife and I made a big mess. We must wash all of the dirty dishes that we made. All of the silverware must be polished as well. They must be put back in their proper places in the china dresser.

Secondly, we must clean up the living room. This should be one of the cleanest places in the house. We must throw away the trash we accumulated during our stay in the house. My wife will wash and pick up all of her dirty clothes that she left in the house. We will use air freshener to remove the smells of old pizza, dirty clothes, and mildew from the home.

My in-laws will be arriving later on in the day. I hope the company will be able to fix the floor.

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