When my husband and I were looking at houses for sale, we both knew when we found the right one. It is located in a rural setting, and it has about 20 acres of land. There is a huge farmhouse that sits on the front acre by the road, and there are so many trees there, which is what drew us both to it. We knew that we would end up having to hire a company that does tree service in Asheville NC, because a few of the trees that were really close to the house looked to be too close.

We put an offer on the house, and we were ecstatic when it was accepted. After the paperwork was signed, we started looking for a tree service company in the area. We wanted to have the trees looked at before we moved in, and the company that we decided on was able to come out that same week to give us a free estimate on what needed to be done. The main reason we wanted to have them look is because it did not look like anyone had taken care of the trees at all.

None of them looked like they had ever been trimmed, which meant the taller ones had spread out so some of them actually had the house in shaded areas. We knew that a fierce storm could cause a lot of damage, and the person who came out to give us an estimate agreed. The good thing is that no trees were diseased, but some did have to be cut back a good bit. That wasn’t a bad thing though, because we wanted them to be clear of the roof if one should happen to fall during a storm. They were able to do the work quickly, and it makes the house look even better now!

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